Looking out for your best interest is always in our best interest.

Have you ever gotten a call out of the blue from a recruiter who declares, “I’ve got the perfect job for you?” If the recruiter doesn’t know you, how would he or she know the job is right for you?

At Global SDS, we take a whole different approach.  We invest the time to get to know all of our candidates.  We ask them about their work experience, their lives, their families, their goals and their dreams. 

Finding the perfect job is a matchmaking process. There are many factors about a prospective employer that must be carefully considered – location, travel requirements, compensation, culture and management styles. We want to help you make the right decision.

Finding you a better job than you can find yourself

Global SDS has preferred and exclusive relationships with leading employers and companies of all sizes – small, medium and large, including many in the Fortune 1000.  We frequently help clients fill open positions that are never advertised.

With Global SDS, it's always personal  

Our consultants often tell us, “Your company is so different.” We build relationships with our consultants and keep them in the loop at every step of the job search process. We only send your profile and resume for opportunities that have been discussed with your  Global SDS recruiter. We act as your coach and counselor so you feel confident in your job search and always understand your options.

We strive to create a comfort zone for our candidates where they’re always fully informed and up-to-date. The communication continues after an offer is accepted. Our consultants say that they love the fact that we maintain continuous communication throughout the course of the project.

We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our candidates and are committed to helping them reach their individual goals throughout the course of their careers. Many of our candidates are referral-based due to our personal approach.